Posted on 11-Apr-2019

SuVi Eye Hospital & Lasik Laser Center, KOTA, RAJ., INDIA

Tips to prevent Digital Vision Syndrome (DVS)
Dr. Suresh K Pandey, MS, ASF, (USA)
Renowned Eye Surgeon & Editor of Textbook on Dry Eye & Ocular Surface Disorders
President, Kota Division Ophthalmological Society
Director, SuVi Eye Institute, & Lasik Laser Center, KOTA, (RAJ.)

Our enthusiasm for using computers, tablets and smart phones are growing in this digital era due to the of easy availability of internet and availability of new designs of smart phone with various features. Use of social media (Facebook/WhatsApp, etc) had further promoted widespread and prolonged use of smart phones in all age groups including children, who are spending lot of time playing video games. Tiny screen of smart phone can cause big eye problems and our eyes are paying the price. Regular use of computer tablet and smart phone give rise to eye strain (that can lead to dry eye, headache, etc) known as “Digital Vision Syndrome or DVS”.
Majority (up to 90 percent) of computer and device users experience a problem so common there’s a name for it: Digital Vision Syndrome (DVS) or Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).
BLINK, BLINK...People normally blink about 18 to 20 times a minute, but computer/smart phone users tend to blink one-third (6 to 8 times) as often. This increases the chance of developing dry eye and eye fatigue. To reduce this risk, remind yourself to blink more often. Drink plenty of water, eat seasonal fruits and vegetables and refresh your eyes periodically with lubricating eye drops.
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