Posted on 15-May-2019

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How to Take Care of Your Eyes in Summer?
Here are a few tips:
1) Drink a lot of water
Dehydration is great trouble we often face in summers. It does not only lead to a lack of water content in our bodies but, it also leads to dry and irritable eyes. Dehydration causes incapability of the tear glands to produce enough tears to keep our eyes moist.
2) Wear protective eyewear
Our eyes need protection against the contact of harmful Ultraviolet rays of the sun because UV rays can severely damage our eyesight. Carry sunglasses every time heading out in daylight.
3) Choose the best quality of sunglasses capable of protecting eyes
While choosing sunglasses make sure that they are capable of protecting eyes from both UVA and UVB rays.
4) Don’t dive into the swimming pool without covering eyes
The amount of chlorine present in the water can be extremely harmful to the eyes, when diving into the pool, do not forget to carry swimming goggles.
5) Take note of the Hygiene, Wash your hand often.
6) Keep eyes lubricated by using eye drops (lubricating eye drop or artificial tear eye drop) to minimize digital vision syndrome.
7. Consult your eye doctor: Eye allergy are very common during summer time. Do not rub your eyes, never use steroid eye drop without doctor's prescription. Consult your eye doctor when you notice any eye problem.
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